Website pitfalls

This page illustrates some common pitfalls encountered in the webpage creation process.

Layering of headings and styles

The number one issue on the websites is the layering of headings and styles. It is important to understand that each heading and each style has a specific purpose. Headings and styles are designed and used to enhance accessibility and search engine optimization.

Only use a heading or style to achieve a structural goal. Do not use headings and styles to make a block of text look a certain way. 

Please don't ever pick more than one thing. 

Heading 2 as bold italics

Nothing besides an eyebrow should be eyebrow.  

There really is noting below an h4

Only use Heading 2, Heading 3, and Heading 4.

Don't use heading 1

Notice is not a heading

The notice and alert classes are wrappers to style the content. They are not heading styles.

Don't use italics per AP Styleguide

Bold isn't a heading

Bold should not be used as a headings style. 


All caps is not a valid style, and should not be used unless directed by the styleguide.

Block quotes have a designated style. Please do not add italics, bold, or any other styles. This is wrong.