Image of several screenshots of department webpages
A stack of screenshots to show the difference and consistency of webpages.
Exploring department and program websites

Website examples and guides

Welcome to the user guide for Discovery. Discovery is the name of our custom Drupal theme that provides all layout, style and editing tools on A&S department and program websites. In these pages you will find the Drupal user guide, information on accessibility, and ways to use components on big layouts and small layouts. There is also important, what to avoid tips as well.

Guides, advice and warnings

Screenshot showing different heading examples
Neat image showing examples of headings. Really the caption is here for the gallery.

Adding meaning and hierarchy

Headings and text styles, not just for looks

Headings and styles are not just for style, they are critical components of accessible, searchable and meaningful web pages.

Using headings and styles

Image showing photo sizes and small image thumbnails
Just a taste of what's available for images.

Adding color to your pages

How to use images

Images are used to add to the content of your webpages. There are different shapes and sizes avaialable.

How to use images

Using components on different pages

decorative screenshot of page with wide options text
It is important to consider the place you are placing your content

Room to breathe

Component usage on wider layouts

This page has several examples of different components being used on landing pages or basic pages without sidebars.

See wider layout options

a decorative screenshot of a basic page to illustrate the narrower content column
The layout of a page can change based on options selected.

A tighter fit

Be more restrained with the sidebar

When a basic page has a side bar, it is critical to ensure the items selected fit the space. This is especially acute when there is a third column for page section navigation.

How to make components fit