A&S Department/Program Calendar Tags

A&S Website General Tags

The "cascal" and "cashum" event calendar tags feed pages on the main A&S site. These tags can be used without consultation so long as the event is sponsored (or co-sponsored) by an A&S department or program. All events can should be tagged with cascal, while cashum should be used only for events that fall within the humanities discipline.

Best Practices for Department Tags

The list of tags/keywords provided below for use in the Cornell Events Calendar is intended to help communications and event staff in A&S departments and programs in expanding promotional reach for co-sponsored events. Because these tags feed events automatically to department/program websites, please be aware of the "real estate" that your events will occupy on the websites of other departments and programs. 

We ask that you only make use of the tags listed below when your event is being co-sponsored by the corresponding department/program, or if you have already confirmed with a representative from the department that the event will be relevant or of particular interest to their students.

If you're unsure whether your event would be appropriate for display on another department/program's website, please contact their events coordinator or department manager first. A&S Communications staff will monitor the use of the event tags on the department websites to ensure that event feeds are not being "flooded" by unrelated content.

If you have any technical questions about the events calendar or tagging functionality, please contact Scott Haber.

Department or Program Name Events Calendar Tag
Asian American Studies Program aaspcal
Africana Studies & Research Center africal
American Studies Program amstcal
Anthropology anthro
Archaeology (CIAMS) ciamscal
Asian Studies asianstudiescal
Chemistry & Chemical Biology chemsem
Classics classicsevents
Comparative Literature complit
Cornell Cinema tfdcin
Creative Writing Program cwpweb
Economics economics
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology ecolevol
English engl
Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies fgsscal
German Studies igcs
Government govtcal
History CUHistory
History of Art arthistory
Jewish Studies jwstcal
Language Resource Center CornellLRC
Latina/o Studies lspcal
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies lgbtstudiescal
Linguistics casling
Medieval Studies medieval studies
Music Music Dept.
Near Eastern Studie nescal
Neurobiology & Behavior CornellNBB
Philosophy philcal
Physics physics
Performing & Media Arts caspma
Religious Studies relstcal
Romance Studies Romance Studies
Sciences & Technology Studies sts
Society for the Humanities cashum
Sociology soccal