Communications Training and Consultation for Faculty

Public Engagement 

Communicating Research (1 hour)

How to create a meaningful “elevator pitch” that effectively communicates your research.

Training includes:
• Why elevator pitches matter
• How to connect with your audience
• Simplifying your message without dumbing it down
• Elements of effective storytelling
• Practice time

Presentations Training: (1 hour)

Preparing for public presentations, such as TED talks and speeches to non-academics. For both new and experienced faculty. 

Training includes:
• Assessment of current style of presentation
• Successful presentation techniques
• Effective use of movement and stage space
• Practice time (on camera)

Public Image Management 

Creating a Public Platform: (1.5 hours) 

How to use varied media outlets to create a platform as a public intellectual. For both new and experienced faculty.

Training includes:
• Setting goals
• Creating your public profile
• Choosing the appropriate platform for your message
• Power and perils of social media
• Publicity and promotion basics 
• Basics of issues and crisis management
• Cornell support resources

Media Training 

Essential Media Training: (1.5 hours)

Prepare for encounters with reporters and learn how to be more visible in the news media. For both new and experienced faculty.

Training includes:
• Value of communicating with external audiences
• How members of the media work and what motivates them
• Cornell resources to place stories and respond to media requests
• How to develop message points and use a message triangle
• How to effectively interact with reporters before and after an interview
• How to manage an interview, including managing difficult questions

Broadcast Media Training: (1.5 hours)

Prepare for radio and television appearances. For both new and experienced faculty.

Training includes:
• How to present your message effectively for broadcast media
• Special considerations for live programs
• Posture and movement
• Tips on dressing and grooming
• Practice time (on video)

Op-ed Training: (1 hour)

How to write effective op-eds and increase your chance of getting placement.

Training includes:
• What an op-ed is and isn’t
• What editors want
• How to craft an op-ed
• Pitching an op-ed
• Cornell support resources
• Practice time