Copyright rules: Using information from other sources on your website

Remember that copyright law protects:

  • Newspaper articles
  • Blog posts
  • Performances
  • Photographs
  • Poetry
  • Recorded music
  • Paintings
  • Etc.

Rules to Live By

  • Assume it’s protected by copyright
  • Read the terms and conditions in any “Click to Accept” agreements 
  • When in doubt, seek permission

How to post a copyrighted article

  • Just citing the author/creator does not allow use of material
  • “Fair use” for informational purposes allows a short excerpt – not all or most
  • For articles from copyrighted outlets, quote no more than a couple sentences, then link to the article – or write a short summary of the article, then link to it

Use of Cornell Publications

  • Original articles by the Cornell Chronicle, Ezra Magazine and Pawprint are considered “press releases” and are not treated the same as copyrighted material.
  • This means you can post them in their entirety with attribution – both the author’s by-line and at the end “This article originally appeared in the Cornell Chronicle (link to original article)." 
  • Note that the Cornell Daily Sun and the Cornell Alumni Magazine are not Cornell University publications and their articles should be treated like any other copyrighted material.

Use of A&S articles

  • Original articles posted on the College of Arts & Sciences are also considered “press releases” and are not treated as copyrighted.
  • This means you can post them in their entirety. As a courtesy, it is best to include the author’s by-line and the original source.