CIT Master Service Agreement with Onix

The following is a copy of an email from Brandon Brylinsky the IT Accessibility Coordinator about Onix.

Dear colleagues, 

Central IT has finalized a Master Service Agreement with a PDF remediation vendor called Onix. Onix uses a proprietary software to tackle the majority of accessibility issues. Then their expert staff review the remediation and validate the compliance of the document with both automated tools and manual testing with assistive technology.

Our next steps include prioritizing the 32 top sites for our initial engagement with Onix (this initial communication is being sent to only our Top Sites contacts). Within the next few weeks we plan to announce this service campus-wide with the help of CIT Communications.

Below are the details for working with Onix for remediation outsourcing.

Contract Pricing

All prices include 100% verification of accessibility by Onix’s experts and users of assistive technology. All billing interactions will take place directly between your unit and the vendor.

Low Complexity: $5/page

Low complexity documents contain valid embedded text and fonts, with an intuitively structured order that requires minimal human interpretation.

Mid-Complexity: $6/page

Mid-complexity documents contain valid embedded text and fonts but exceed the complexity of the previous category.

High Complexity: $7/page

High complexity documents are documents that contain unembedded text, like pictures of text or scanned pages, or otherwise exceed the complexity definitions of a low complexity document.

Fillable Forms and Interactive Documents: $7/page

Documents that contain interactive fillable form fields, or other interactive PDF elements, sounds or video players.


The typical turnaround time is five business days, with the exception of fillable forms. Onix will provide a notice if they feel the document submitted for remediation will take longer than five business days. Onix understands there are instances when an expedited job may be needed. They will typically not charge a surcharge for this, but please allow them 48 hours for these jobs and only use this when items really do need to be rushed.


To send documents to Onix we’ll be using Cornell’s Box service. You’ll need to upload your item to Box and email eqcornell@onixnet.com to indicate that you have documents ready to remediate, as well as provide them access to your Box folder as an editor. They will download, assess the project, and provide you with a quote. After your approval they will start the remediation and return the completed documents to a new Box folder within your original folder. 

Please keep the folders organized and try to batch the work as much as possible. However, if you only have a handful of documents to remediate, it’s fine to go ahead and send as a smaller batch. Onix can also work with you to coordinate/consolidate billing if need be.


In terms of billing, you will want to initiate the standard Purchase Order process. The PO# for the vendor is 100289-0 for KFS and your I WNT document.

Contact info and address for the vendor:

Dan Tuleta, tuleta@onixnet.com

18519 Detroit Avenue

Lakewood, Ohio 44107


At this time Onix will remediate documents that do not have sensitive or confidential information. We are working with the IT Security Office to see if we can expand to sensitive files. If you need to engage with the vendor for this kind of work, please let us know.


You can start using this service today and if you have questions about a particular project, you are welcome to engage with the vendor directly. Again, our account representative is Dan Tuleta attuleta@onixnet.com. You can also email webaccessibility@cornell.edu for additional internal questions.

We hope that the services available through Onix help you in your efforts to make accessible PDFs. Please feel free to share any feedback on the process or comments about the vendor during this early phase of the rollout as it will be helpful information as we move forward. More information will follow as we roll this service out to campus.


Brandon Brylinsky, CPACC
IT Accessibility Coordinator
CIT Custom Development / Cornell University
120 Maple Ave, Ithaca, NY 14850
p: 607-255-8281  / e: bcg66@cornell.edu