A&S Media Report 10/12/18

10/6/2018 to 10/12/2018
50 external media stories tracked
4 press release tip sheets distributed
11 Cornell Chronicle/Pawprint/Ezra stories
2 Cornell Daily Sun stories
11 A&S Website stories
13 Tweets
4 Facebook posts
2 Instagram posts

Humanities and Arts

Social Sciences

Humanities and Arts, Social Sciences

  • New York Times, 10/6/2018
    Related People:
    Darnell Epps '21
    Related Department or Program:
    Government, Performing and Media Arts
  • The Straits Times, 10/6/2018 and 1 other media outlet
    Related People:
    Glenn Altschuler
    Related Department or Program:
    American Studies Program
  • Inside Higher Ed, 10/8/2018
    Related People:
    Thomas Pepinsky, Mitchell Greenberg
    Related Department or Program:
    Government, Romance Studies
  • WRFI, 10/8/2018
    Related People:
    Magnus Fiskesjö, John Hubbel Weiss
    Related Department or Program:
    Anthropology, History
  • Cornell Chronicle , 10/9/2018
    Related People:
    Durba Ghosh , graduate student Lauren Griffin
    Related Department or Program:
    History, American Studies Program, Society for the Humanities, Feminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program, Africana Studies and Research Center, Sociology
  • Cornell Chronicle, 10/12/2018
    Related People:
    Annie Lewandowski
    Related Department or Program:
    Asian Studies, History, Government, Society for the Humanities, History of Art and Visual Studies, Performing and Media Arts, Music , Cornell Cinema

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