A&S Media Report 6/1/18

5/26/2018 to 6/1/2018
108 external media stories tracked
1 press release tip sheet distributed
11 Cornell Chronicle/Pawprint/Ezra stories
1 Cornell Daily Sun story
8 A&S Website stories
9 Tweets
5 Facebook posts

Social Sciences

Humanities and Arts, Other

Humanities and Arts, Social Sciences

  • Cornell Chronicle, 5/27/2018
    Related People:
    Lopez Colorado '18, Brigid Lucey '18, Jae Noh '18, Jae Hun Shin '18
    Related Department or Program:
    Sociology, Music
  • A&S Communications, 5/29/2018
    Related People:
    Jeremy Braddock, Roger Moseley
    Related Department or Program:
    English, Music, History of Art and Visual Studies, Classics, Archaeology Program, Near Eastern Studies, Anthropology, Asian Studies, Asian American Studies Program, Performing and Media Arts

Humanities and Arts

Humanities and Arts, Sciences and Math, Social Sciences

Sciences and Math