A&S Media Report 5/11/18

5/5/2018 to 5/11/2018
180 external media stories tracked
3 press release tip sheets distributed
1 studio appearance arranged
7 Cornell Chronicle/Pawprint/Ezra stories
7 Cornell Daily Sun stories
12 A&S Website stories
10 Tweets
4 Facebook posts

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Humanities and Arts, Sciences and Math, Social Sciences

  • A&S Communications, 5/9/2018
    Related People:
    Saida Hodžić, Benjamin Anderson, Vivian Zayas, Edward B. Swartz, Amy Villarejo, Aurora Masum-Javed, Suman Seth , graduate students Debak Das, Ethan Jost, Claire Leavitt, Jessica Abel, David Peck, Kacie Armstrong, Magdala Jeudy, Elizabeth Wijaya, Stav Atir
    Related Department or Program:
    Anthropology, History of Art and Visual Studies, Psychology, Mathematics, Performing and Media Arts, English, Science and Technology Studies, Music, Government, Neurobiology and Behavior, Romance Studies, Comparative Literature
  • 5/10/2018
    Related People:
    Related Department or Program: