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Tips for Promoting an Event

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Event promotion: From soup to nuts

Promote based on:

  1. Who your audience is, how big and how broad: within the department only? all of Ithaca?
  2. Department/Program priorities: is this a marquee event?
  3. Budget: Be realistic. Radio spots cost; email is free
  4. Timeline until event: For example, 2 weeks minimum notice is required for calendar sections

Identify cross-promotional partners

  1. Other depts., colleges, student groups, community organizations, etc.
  2. Pitch your event, specifying why the event will be of interest to the partner’s audience – don’t just send a poster
  3. Capitalize on your partners’ networks

Usual promotion

University Events calendar


Targeted Emails: make sure your subject line is compelling

Faculty promotion: provide them with PowerPoint slide to show to class, ask them to consider giving credit for event attendance)

University Platforms


  • Prewrite (equivalent of a press release)
  • Things to Do (curated by Dan Aloi), curated by University Communications

  • Pano (large, panoramic image at top of, which links to an event or story)
  • Spotlight (usually links to University Events Calendar entry)

Pawprint: for events involving staff or that staff might want to attend)

Local media

Press Release

Calendar sections: submission 2 weeks before event usually required, except for online calendars you fill out yourself


Social Media (for Ithaca community events, use #twithaca to post to Ithaca newsfeed)

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram Engage students – have them post on websites, in comments, on blogs, etc.
  • Digital signage/CUView


  • Flyer
  • Marketing pieces
  • Postcards
  • Quarter cards (for distribution in physical locations such as libraries, bookstores and dining spots; at Willard Straight, they will staple them to the popcorn bags)
  • Chalk

Let us know as soon as you can about your event — even if you don’t know all the details. We are here to help. Contact: Linda Glaser (