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Even in this age of virtual everything, posters are still a great way to get the word out about your events across campus.

Here are some key things to remember, courtesy of Chris Kelly, a designer in the marketing office of University Relations, who came to a C&C meeting in 2015. Chris’ slides, which include information about use of the Cornell logo, are also available on Cornell box. Another good resource is the university’s branding site.

Poster tips

Chris also showed examples of successful poster/fliers and passed along some tips for creating them:

  • Print out your poster or flier and put posters on the wall. Walk by and see what you can read.
  • Make the what, where and when stand out for people in posters. They’ll probably remember “fireworks during homecoming,” then go to google to get the details.
  • Fliers and quartercards can have more type and be smaller because people will spend more time with those in their hands.
  • Be careful to use only 1-2 fonts on a piece or it will become busy and harder to read.
  • Some fonts look great as headlines, but aren’t readable when used in a paragraph of small text. Print things out and take a look.
  • Choose photos carefully.
  • Using a font color that’s the same as a highlight color in the photo can make the design look more polished.
  • The marketing office is available to tackle some projects, although they are a busy shop and do charge for their services. They can also be called on to consult for FREE on branding/design questions. To work on a marketing project with the office, visit Chris is available at cjk43.
  • If you want to hire a designer for a special project, the Communications office also has a list of graphic designers, some who can create posters for around $150 or less. Something to keep in mind for special events. Contact Tricia Barry if interested (tmr82).

Where to post?

Depending on your time and the scope of your event, you may want to hang posters only on campus or throughout the Ithaca community.

You can send electronic copies to:

  • All A&S department chairs
  • All A&S department managers

Physical posters should go to:

  • Residence halls. Check out this site for specific information, but remember they need to be submitted at least seven days in advance and the posters must contain the name of the sponsoring organization and contact information such as: website, email or phone number. 

On campus, we poster anywhere permitted in the following buildings and floors:

  • Uris Hall (floors 1-4)
  • Cornell Store (give to front desk)
  • Olin Library (deliver to circulation or reference desk)
  • Uris Library
  • Mallott (all floors)
  • McGraw (all floors)
  • White (1st floor)
  • Johnson Museum (give to desk attendant)
  • Tjaden (1st and 2nd floor)
  • Sibley (1st floor)
  • Rand (1st floor)
  • Lincoln (1st floor only)
  • Goldwin Smith (all floors)
  • Rockefeller (1st and 3rd floors)
  • A.D. White House (1st and 2nd floors)
  • Schwartz Center
  • Africana


  • Collegetown: CTB, banks, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, other restaurants on Dryden Road and Eddy Street, Jason’s, The Nine’s, Ruloff’s, Hai Hong, Asian Noodle House, Plum Tree, bulletin board in apt. buildings
  • Tompkins County Public Library
  • Buffalo Street Books
  • Tops
  • Greenstar and Oasis
  • Ithaca College


Residence hall posters must be approved at least seven days before event, but you might want to wait until 3-4 days before the event for the busiest campus buildings (event on Friday, poster on Monday or Tuesday) because they get covered over. On boards that aren't as busy, get them up at least a week before the event.

Need help with postering?

Hire a student worker or check in with Campus Promotions within Student Agencies ($50-$300 depending on where you want them to cover) 

Image/Poster/Slide size guidelines:

  • For Klarman Hall/Goldwin Smith digital screens: 16x9 aspect ratio, 1920x1080 pixels (landscape format)

  • For email distribution/powerpoint slides: 4x3 aspect ratio (landscape format); 1024x768 pixels is ideal.

  • For tweets: 2x1 aspect ratio (landscape format); 800x400 pixels is ideal.