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A&S Media Report, 4/14/17

4/8/2017 to 4/13/2017
34 external media stories tracked
1 press release tip sheet distributed
2 studio appearances arranged
15 Cornell Chronicle/Pawprint/Ezra stories
2 Cornell Research stories
5 Cornell Daily Sun stories
8 A&S Website stories
21 Tweets
3 Facebook Posts


Social Sciences

Sciences and Math

Humanities and Arts

Humanities and Arts, Social Sciences

  • Cornell Research, 4/10/2017
    Related People:
    Patrick Braga ‘17
    Related Department or Program:
    Economics, Music
  • Cornell Chronicle, 4/12/2017
    Related People:
    Stephen Coate, Maria Cristina Garcia, Suzanne Mettler
    Related Department or Program:
    Economics, History, Government, Latina/o Studies Program
  • A&S Communications, 4/13/2017
    Related People:
    Debra Ann Castillo , Miguel Martinez ’18
    Related Department or Program:
    Latina/o Studies Program, Comparative Literature
  • Cornell Chronicle - Online, 4/13/2017
    Related People:
    Kathleen Perry Long
    Related Department or Program:
    Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program, American Studies Program, French Studies Program, Medieval Studies Program, Religious Studies Program, Comparative Literature, English, History, Performing and Media Arts, Romance Studies, Science and Technology Studies, Society for the Humanities

Humanities and Arts, Sciences and Math

Sciences and Math, Social Sciences