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A&S Media Report - 3/10/17

3/4/2017 to 3/10/2017
62 external media stories tracked
2 press release tip sheets distributed
1 studio appearance arranged
15 Cornell Chronicle/Pawprint/Ezra stories
6 Cornell Daily Sun stories
12 A&S Website stories
15 Tweets
6 Facebook Posts

Humanities and Arts, Social Sciences

Humanities and Arts

Sciences and Math

Social Sciences

Humanities and Arts, Sciences and Math, Social Sciences

  • Cornell Chronicle, 3/7/2017
    Related People:
    Gretchen Ritter, Laura Brown, Thomas Pepinsky
    Related Department or Program:
    English, Government
  • A&S Communications, 3/7/2017
    Related People:
    Barbara A. Baird, Daniel R. Schwarz, Roald Hoffmann, Trevor J Pinch, Steven H Strogatz, Isaac Kramnick, Mary Beth Norton, Thomas Gilovich, Steven Weldon Squyres , Ken McClane, Elizabeth Song ’17, Erica DeMond ’17
    Related Department or Program:
    English, Chemistry and Chemical Biology, History, Science and Technology Studies, Psychology, Astronomy, Government, Mathematics
  • Arts & Sciences Communications, 3/8/2017
    Related People:
    Nelson George Hairston, Christine L Goodale, Gretchen Ritter Ted O'Donoghue
    Related Department or Program:
    Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


Sciences and Math, Social Sciences

  • A&S Communications, 3/8/2017
    Related People:
    Jim Alexander, Carl Franck, Michael H. Goldstein, Panle J. Barwick , Arthur Campello ’20, Soumeeka Koneru ‘20, Megan Waller ’20, Yibo Sun ‘19
    Related Department or Program:
    Economics, Psychology, Physics

Humanities and Arts, Sciences and Math